5 Tips For Potty Training

5 Tips for Potty Training


Samantha Finley

Are you ready to begin potty training your little one? Are you wondering if your child is ready? Are you frustrated because the process isn\’t going well? Here are five tips to help you along.

1. Look for Signs of Readiness

Using the toilet properly requires a surprising number of steps and some kids simply aren t ready as early as others. So how do you know when to begin potty training? If your child shows an interest in the toilet or big kid underwear, tells you when she is going in her diaper, wants to be changed immediately upon filling her diaper and can follow simple directions, she may be ready to begin potty training.


2. Educate and Demonstrate

Once your child shows signs of readiness, read him some books about using the toilet. Find some silly songs about using the potty and watch a DVD on the topic. Take your little one into the bathroom and show him the steps of using the toilet. After changing a messy diaper, empty the contents into the toilet bowl and let him flush.

3. Get Creative

Get creative to find what works for your child. One kid may love a special potty chair while another insists on using the grown-up toilet. Try putting food coloring in the toilet bowl or throwing in a Cheerio for your son to use as target practice. If you are comfortable using incentives, try stickers, a special snack or a bag of inexpensive toys.

4. Schedule Potty Training In

Don t try to potty train right before a long car trip or the birth a new sibling. Pick a relatively stable time so you and your child can focus on the task at hand. If you can stick around home more than usual for a few days, your child may catch on faster. Consider setting a timer as a reminder that it s time to sit on the toilet and try.

5. Stay Positive

Praise your child for each step in the right direction and ignore accidents. Remain calm, patient and positive no matter how long it s taking; your child will not go off to college in diapers. If despite all your efforts there is no progress, consider taking a break and trying again in a

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