Adding Color To Cement Walls Paint The Basement

By David Faulkner

When painting cement walls in the basement, you will find that it is the easiest and cost effective way to take a dark mood and bring it out to a fun creative environment. The area you are painting has not changed in size and yet, the paint brings out a specific character. Try to be open to change and use more than one color on the walls.

The first step is to decide what use the basement will serve. Children’s playrooms could use bright colors or decals on the walls. A room dedicated to sports would be created by adding sports related art to the basement walls. For favorite sports teams, use only those teams’ colors on the wall.

Whatever the idea is for the basement, using paint on the walls will not be a ready thing to start. Basement walls tend to be damp in nature. You will need to evaluate them for this dampness. If there is an issue with wetness, fixing the problem will come first. This gives you a good base for the paint and will make it last longer. If you do not prepare your foundation, the paint can peel, crack, or create mold. For more info see on damp basement.


How To Paint Your Basement Walls

The project requires you to thoroughly clean and clears the particles and dirt from the wall. Acid etching is also recommended on the cement wall. If the walls were painted previously, the acid etching phase can be skipped. For naked or peeling parts of the old paint, etch only those areas.

Do not deviate from the directions on the acid etching chemicals at all. This acid is erosive and goggles and gloves are necessary. The powder will need to be gotten rid of before the paint will stick properly. Because of following the instructions completely, the walls will be textured using #1 or #2 sandpaper. Once the walls are chemically neutral and dried, the paint can be applied. Make sure that high airflow is used to reduce the fumes from the paint. Open any windows and doors will be helpful. Run a fan while painting.

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