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Corporate events in present times have become as regular as monthly visits to the dentist. Increasingly more and more young professionals are slowly finding their way to these corporate events. Although being new to the corporate industry they are unsure of the corporate events. So here we give a download of the corporate event etiquette.

Attire: the most important thing is to pay a close attention to the invite. Most of the companies use the event management software and send detailed invites carrying particulars of the venue, time, theme, and speaker and guests list. You need to closely see if the venue is upscale, adults exclusive event usually command classy or chic attire. So instead of wearing something family friendly or a workday wear or a conference suit look up something classy and impress your way around the event.


What to take to the party: You have to closely follow the theme. For instance if it is charity based fundraiser, then carry appropriate funding or donation options from your company. If the corporate event a network meet then carry your best smile, confidence and that talent. Be sure to have a close read at the theme as mentioned in the invitation.

Who to bring to the party: the event invitation will specify if you can being a guest and if it is a family friendly event to which you can bring anyone or an adults only where you can take your spouse. But if it is coworkers luncheon then you shouldnt take your spouse. So it is best advised to read through the invite and not embarrass yourself.

Who to thank: it is important that you personally and individually thank the hosts of the event or the luncheon or the evening. If the event is at a high scale and involves the planning committee or a management team, it will strengthen your professional career if you take time to thank all. In case you are unable to thank when you are leaving from the event, you can always have your office call the hosts and thank them later for their hospitality.

What to say: times are ever changing and globally the cultures have all mingled into one another. There are people from diverse cultures present at one place. So instead of saying holiday specific greetings to someone who doesnt belong to that culture, it is best to restrict oneself to saying Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays. Thus the commonly accepted holiday greetings would be the most applicable social remark. So please be careful and not offend anyone as all cultures do not celebrate all festivals. It is important in case you are with a group that does celebrate a specific event to customize the greeting to fit the masses. You simply should be careful that the safety with all applicable social remarks is the fact that they can address people celebrating different holidays, coming from diverse religious backgrounds and having diverse political stances and such.

Heres wishing you the best of luck at the next corporate event. May you make the best of the event and earn yourself some brownie points in the professional arena.

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