Gastric Band Is A One Stop Shop For Loosing Weight

Submitted by: Nicholas Bowen

Obesity has become a major health issue as it poses problems in executing normal daily chores. Overweight people want to lose weight to achieve a good and healthy physique; hence they follow various regimes, but sometimes they fail to do so. In fact, there are chances of a person going under depression because one has failed to lose weight. Well, if you are one of them who have tried and are tired of all the tested options then keep all your worries aside, as you can achieve a good health through the method of gastric band. This is a kind of surgery which is catching up with obese or overweight people to get rid of their unwanted flab.

Gastric band is a perfect way to shed those unwanted tires from not just the waist and abdomen but also from the other parts of the body. The banding is placed on upper stomach lining but has great effect on the whole body. With the help of gastric band, one can look forward to lead a normal healthy life. However, it is not recommended to everyone, but is suggested to people who have been obese for a long time and as a result are suffering from various diseases. Gastric band is ideal for people affected from morbid obesity. In fact, it is a good option available for the ones who have a body mass index of 35 and above.


With this treatment, the shape and the structure of the stomach changes drastically. The surgery is performed to limit the intake of food that one is habituated to eating and digest as well. With the help of band, one gets a feeling of fullness or satiety immediately; hence, he or she loses weight at a fast pace. The band is placed on the upper section of the stomach where the food can be stored. It is further attached to the inner lining of the stomach that comprises of silicone ring with an inflatable lining. The band is connected with a tube to an access point, which is placed just below the skin during surgery. The gastric band is placed in such a way that it automatically creates a small pouch or a bag in the stomach that holds the food. While the other section of the stomach hangs down below the band.

In fact, it creates a very small opening and is further divided into sections of various sizes and the openings can be controlled by injecting or saline, or removing from the inflatable inner ring of the band through the access port. During the surgery, the inner band is given a very minimal inflation that helps in the production of a relatively large opening between the sections of stomach. In fact, after the surgery, the inner ring will gradually get inflated until a point is reached at which weight loss is going to happen or is optimized. However, the patient is unable to feel these changes and can be able to lead a normal and healthy life. In fact, the patient will feel comfortable with the size and frequency of meals that can be easily digested by him or her.

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