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At we are just what are name states. We offer all services to new and present Page Plus customers whether it be activating there old Verizon Wireless phone on Page Plus service with 100 free minutes or delivering quality used and certified like new Verizon phones to our customers with guaranteed quality. Go to for all your prepaid wireless needs. 

On our website you will be able to compare our rates, plans, and coverage and see that Page Plus truly offers the most cost effective prepaid service with great nationwide coverage using all Verizon towers nationwide. All of our used phones are thoroughly tested by technicians before being passed on to the consumer and guaranteed to be fully functional and operate just as a new phone would.


Our certified like new phones are manufactured with brand new oem parts and not only look brand new but, also operate like brand new. We have created and dedicated our business to Page Plus subcribers so, they not only will receive quick service at a low price but, mainly a quality product at a low price.  You can also instantly refill your Page Plus minutes through our links page on our website. We are a Star Cell Wireless company and have been selling alternative wireless solutions since 2006. we are now activating any verizon phone that is not activated on service presently for only $3.99. Times for activation will be within only one hour. Rush activations are usually $12.99 but, we will be running this special indefinitely to let customers experience the best wireless prepaid service in the nation.

Page Plus is as low as eight cents a minute and uses all the Verizon towers nationwide so, the coverage is excellent. We also provide low cost high qulity Page Plus used and like new phones. For a great deal on Page Plus phones with great service go to your online convenience store quick activations go to We are not only quick with the activations but, we also can get you any of our quality Page Plus phones delivered straight to your door fast and we have blackberry phones in stock as well.

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