Sail Ads Promote Your Business Through Sail Branding,Photo Sails

Sail Ads – Promote your business through Sail Branding,Photo sails


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People communicate among themselves in which they send signals about their attitude, aspiration, their sense of identity, values and expressions, which are further associated with their sense of ownership, offerings and display. This thing is true for organizations as well, because organizations are run by people.

So Advertising can be seen as a medium in which companies express their ownership of a product or service by using various modes of communication (like radio, television, newspapers, etc.) and paves the way for these offerings to be incorporated into society. In more simpler terms, it is a form of communication which influences the individual to purchase a product or a service and subsequently it helps the business to drive in sales and revenue.


Advertisements help the organisations to implement their strategies and helps in branding. Whether the business offers a unique product or an affordable product, advertisements help to bridge the gap between the customers and products/ services.One such type of advertising is Sailing Ads which is one form of Mobile Billboard Advertising.

The key benefit of such type of advertising is reflected in its name ‘Mobile’. Sail Marketing International’s expertise in this form of advertisement has helped businesses to create a relationship between business’s offerings and customers by using novel branding vehicles capable of promoting events, public relation programs and also promoting products/ services.

Photo Sail

ads utilize the hugely untapped but highly effective resource of navigable waterways in US and other foreign markets to successfully create a Brand name for your business. The main aspect of this advertisement is that, it can be tailored to your advertising needs and the programs can run from two weeks to one year depending on your marketing budget and objectives. Sail advertising is a media which may not be explored by your competitor yet. In your sail banner you can have any design you like including photos, text and logos, in virtually any colour.

Costs involved in

Sail Branding

are substantially less than aerial advertising and are based on the limited availability of high performance yachts and crews that are properly designed to execute your wishes. Unlike aerial advertising, your message will be easier to view and will be seen and remembered for a much greater period of time. It can also be positioned wherever large groups of consumers congregate for any reason along the waters edge.

Sail Marketing International’s creates unique and hynotic vehicles by innovatively bringing together digital imaging and sailing, thereby creating a sense of recognition and awareness.

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