The Peridot Gemstone Value And Where It Comes From}

The Peridot Gemstone Value and Where it Comes From


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The peridot is a lovely green gemstone that comes in a variety of hues and has a long and beloved history. Often pronounced per’i doh it is correctly pronounced per’i-dot and is sometimes known as the ‘evening emerald’. It is August’s birthstone and many of the emeralds of Cleopatra are believed to have actually been peridot. It is found in a wide variety of locations making it a plentiful gemstone that is more affordable than most precious stones and easy to find in many attractive settings.

The Deep ValueThe average peridot is a light lime green color but rare occasions find this beautiful gem in deep, rich green that rivals that of the emerald and is easily mistaken for the more expensive stone. The main difference between emeralds and peridot is the shine. Emeralds have a crystal like shine that sparkles where peridot should have a smooth, silky, velvet appearance. The most sought after color is a grass green stone with no yellow undertones.Caution for CareThe peridot is a relatively fragile gemstone that is given a hardness value of 6.5 on a scale of 1-10. This makes it hardy enough for careful wear but should always be shielded from bumps, and rough wear. Remove all peridot jewelry before heavy work or rough play. Like many precious gems long term exposure to bright light or direct heat can cause fading. Proper storage can prevent many of the problems of fading in peridot jewelry.Due to its softer nature peridot jewelry should be wrapped or kept separate from other jewelry when placed in a box or other storage container so that other stones do not mar its surface. Peridots should never be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners often used in either commercial or home jewelry care.The Peridot MystiqueThrough the years man has believed peridot to have the ability to bring the wearer good luck, peace, and prosperity. Who doesn’t want those? It is a popular gemstone for the believed aspects of luck as much as it is for its inordinate beauty. Peridot is also thought to calm anger, sooth jagged nerves, and rid the wearer of negativity while attracting love. At one time it was thought that ingesting ground peridot would cure asthma.QualityJudged on clarity and color the deeper green the better with peridot jewelry. The next deciding factor in value for this gemstone is clarity. Close examination for blurry appearance, dark spots, cuts, or scratches. It is also important to check for a uniform ‘clean’ color. Ask the seller if the gem has been treated as many peridots are coated with oils, wax, or other substances to smooth the surface and enhance or even out the color. These coatings are likely to wear over time reducing the value of the gemstone.Typical inclusions (mars to the quality) of peridot are ribbon-like veils of milky white color like veins running through the stone, specks caused by biotite deposits, and ‘lili-pads’ that look like fried eggs, or shaped like spaceships inside the gem caused by liquid gas trapped inside. It is virtually impossible to find a peridot without any imperfection but the least amounts visible to the naked eye are more valuable stones.Mars in a peridot appearance will be magnified greatly by its birefringence. Birefringence creates a mirroring of the cuts of the stone when looked through and will also double or magnify the appearance of cuts and scratches inside as well as other inclusions.Any cracks, scratches, or cuts inside the gem that appear to come near the surface should be strictly avoided as they are likely to spread and cause cracks and chips on the outer surface over time.Intrinsic ValuePeridot like any other gemstone has great sentimental and intrinsic value. While it is less rare than many precious gems a good quality stone that is properly cared for will continue to appreciate over time while providing a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear and show off.

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The Peridot Gemstone Value and Where it Comes From}