The Systems Behind Home Hvac Systems}

The Systems Behind Home HVAC Systems


Kevin SmithYou want your home to be comfortable and part of that is having a quality HVAC system installed. HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation and air conditioning,” meaning it covers a variety of home uses. Each of these plays an important role in keeping your house fit for habitation. Here is a look at how each one of these systems works, and what an HVAC company in Marietta can do if you are experiencing air or temperature troubles.

Keeping Warm in the Winter

Your heating system is important to staying warm in fall, winter and maybe spring, depending on where you live. Typically, a central furnace heats the entire house through grills and air registers. In this system, each room should have its own vent which needs to be cleaned regularly. Other heating systems use water or radiators and can still be repaired or replaced by your local HVAC professional. Certain furnace types, like those with a small open flame, are very outdated and should be replaced.


Breathable Air Year Round

Your home ventilation has many components and each one is important to making the air in your home breathable. Your heater and air conditioner should have ventilation filters to prevent pollutants that agitate allergies. There is also ventilation involved in the way your windows are installed and the parts of your roof. A local HVAC company in Marietta can look at your whole-house system to determine if there are any ventilation problems hidden in the walls or behind other home appliances.

Keeping Cool in the Summer

Your air conditioning unit it the important part of keeping your home cool. This unit is usually outside because condensation can be a problem indoors. The three main kinds of units are those fully outside, window boxes and swamp coolers. Each kind comes with its own pros and cons which you can discuss with your local HVAC professional. They will know whether the size of your home and your budget lend itself more to one kind over another.

When to Replace or Repair

There are a few signs to watch for to know your home needs the attention of a local HVAC company in Marietta. The first is to check your energy bill. When the seasons change, you should expect a rise in your bill due to increased HVAC usage, but if the temperature has held steady for a while and your bill is still rising, there could be a problem. Another thing to check is that your units don’t turn on and off frequently. This could mean your thermostat is damaged, reading incorrectly or that parts within the unit need replacing.

Keep your home comfortable by keeping your HVAC system up to date. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are all important for keeping your air breathable and at a comfortable temperature. If you have trouble keeping your house warm, cool or allergen-free, then it could be time to contact your local HVAC company in Marietta. You can also ask if your unit is right for your home or if you need an upgrade.

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