We Are Living In A Instant World

By Robert J Kennedy

We live in a world where people want instant everything. They are so used to going to the shops and buying the instant dinners for the microwave, they want exactly the same thing online. Gone are the days, when a person buys a digital product, and they are happy to wait even for a short time to get their item. Now you need to not only have an instant download but you also need to teach your membership how they can also give instant download to their customers.

When you have a membership site which is full of digital product, your membership base are normally other people who want instant products without the time needed to create these products themselves.

Your responsibility as a provider is to ensure that everything you produce is of quality. There are so many items people are looking for and you can have a wealth of products by incorporating as many different things as possible.


Think for a moment what people want and need. You supply an ebook for them, and they need graphics to go with it. What about video or audio can you add that into the production, to make a better product? Is there any software you can add to the membership site to make life easier for people? What about scripts, how can you enhance the scripts you already own and use?

Why not design a few templates for people to use, maybe it will be for a different collection of products but the need is always there, especially when people are not technically minded to do these things for themselves.

They might not want unique products, but as the supplier it is your responsibility to have as many unique products as possible to sell to your members.

You will need to decide on the rights you are going to give them, and also what they can and cant do with the products, but you should be starting from a point of being unique. Your members will love the fact that these items cant be bought anywhere else with the rights you are giving them. They know that they are getting the first attempt at selling these to the public who are waiting for the solution to their problems.

You need to consider not only your members but also the people they are going to sell to as well. These are the people who have the biggest need, and of course many are not interested in selling the products to another person.

Unique means exactly that, unique. It is one of a kind. It takes time and effort to create such products but the rewards are there for those who become top product suppliers.

You will find that people will want to have your products because they are unique, but also because they are good quality. The two go together. When you look at top membership sites, they not only listen to the needs of the members, but they supply products which are exceptional. Those two are a winning combination for any membership site.

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