Gunman opens fire at upstate New York shopping mall

Sunday, February 13, 2005

KINGSTON, New York, U.S. — The Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston, New York, U.S. is under lockdown after at least one man entered the building and opened fire. The mall is located about 90 miles north of New York City.

Police said that two people were injured. One of the victims received a serious gunshot wound in the leg. That victim, a 20-year-old Army recruiter, was taken by helicopter to an Albany hospital where doctors said the man may lose his leg. Another victim was hit in the hand by shrapnel.

Police took a 24-year-old man into custody. The suspect is currently being interviewed at the Ulster County Sheriff’s Department. Police report that an assault rifle has been recovered at the mall.

Officials say that the man entered the Best Buy store and opened fire as he walked towards the entrance to the rest of the mall. When the gunman ran out of ammunition, he surrendered to a mall employee.

A Gap employee told a Fox News reporter that mall staff ordered shoppers into the back room of the store when the first shots were fired.

A shopper, Heather Craig, told CNN by phone that, when shots were fired, the numerous people filling the mall corridors were tripping over each other trying to exit the building, while some people stood dumbfounded. None of the frightened shoppers confronted the gunman before his surrender.

Officials said that the mall will not be reopened until at least Monday.Police have locked down the mall as SWAT teams continue to search the building.

Earlier reports said that there were as many as three gunmen but police now believe that there was only one gunman.

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