Why Does Your Family Need Geriatric Home Care In Potomac?

byAlma Abell

In Maryland, dire circumstances may result in families needing in-home health care. These circumstances could include a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. By choosing in-home health care instead of admission to a nursing facility, families can monitor the security of their senior. Geriatric Home Care in Potomac provides this opportunity to struggling families.

Maintaining Their Dignity

In-home health care professionals maintain the dignity of the seniors. They assist them with tasks that may cause them embarrassment in a nursing home situation. This may include bathing or management of a lack of bladder control. The in-home nurse assists the seniors to prevent these potentially embarrassing situations.

Immediate Health Care in the Privacy of Your Home

The in-home health nurse provides daily medical assistance to your senior. This includes checking their vitals as directed by their doctor and administering medication. They monitor the progression of diseases and determine when changes are needed. They remain in constant contact with the senior’s physician and report any issues that may arise. If the senior needs emergency medical assistance, the in-home nurse contacts the proper services to acquire this assistance quickly.

Giving Families a Helping Hand

Families who are trying to manage the care of a senior loved one may face challenges with balancing their lives and care. This is why it is vital to hire an in-home nursing professional. These nurses can stay with the senior throughout the day and night. This allows family members to manage vital tasks such as their job, children, or running their own household. The nursing professionals give these family members a much-needed break.

Assistance With Daily Tasks

The nursing professional helps the senior perform all daily tasks. This includes grooming, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed. They assist them with exercise that was recommended by their doctor as well.

In Maryland, families may need help in managing the care of a senior loved one. These requirements can take their toll on families when their senior is diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease or a life-threatening illness. Families that need geriatric home care in Potomac should contact Specialty Care Services today for more information about these opportunities.