Health And Safety In The Workplace}

Health And Safety In The Workplace


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Employers have a responsibility, under section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to certify that, within reason, employees experience a high standard of welfare in the workplace. If your employer does not exercise this duty, and if you have experienced injury in your workplace premises, including outside in areas such as private roads and car parks, solicitors Norwich could help you make a claim.

A number of factors contribute to health in the workplace:

Workstations and seating

-Workstations and seating should be provided if appropriate for the type of work being done, and should allow employees to leave quickly. If employees cannot reach the floor, footrests should be available, and seating should give support to the lower back.


-There should be enough lighting in the workplace to see clearly so that they can work and move in safety.

Temperature of workplace


-Employers should make an effort to provide for the comfort of employees in especially hot or cold environments, such as by providing appropriate clothing or creating areas of comfortable temperature for employees to rest in.


-Fresh, clean air from outside the workplace should be circulated throughout it.


-Workplaces should be kept clean, and refuse removed regularly.


-There should be 11 cubic metres of space provided per person in a workspace. This is only a minimum, however, and may not be appropriate, depending on layout.

There are a number of issues relating to safety:

Transparent or translucent barriers

-Barriers such as glass doors that pose a risk of being walked into by employees should be clearly marked to make the existence of the barrier obvious.


-Windows should not be easy to fall out of accidentally


-Doors should not be at risk of trapping or swinging into employees

Floors and traffic routes

-Pedestrians and traffic should be kept at a safe distant, and given separate paths

Dangerous substances

-Substances that, by coming into contact with them, pose a risk to employees, should be kept covered or fenced, and employees given adequate protective clothing if handling them.


-Buildings that are part of the workplace, and the equipment used within them, must be maintained and in good condition.


-Escalators should be safe and functional, and should come with emergency stop controls which are simple to use and easy for users to identify.

If your employer has neglected any of these Health and Safety regulations, and you have suffered an injury as a result, contact solicitors Norwich, and they will advise you on how to proceed.

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