Parenting Guide: Helping A Child To Cope With Acne!

It won’t be harsh to say that acne erupts on your skin like a bolt from the blue. You don’t wish to accept acne. You just tolerate it with great difficulty. What ails you most now, is that your child too has acne. This suffering for your child has caused more anguish in you. You, by experience or education, know how to handle your acne. But the child does not know much about this new development on the skin. The kid is just irritated. What you need is to prevent them from doing something rash and negligent.

Naturally, the child looks forward to you, for remedy from this suffering. If you are in a position to convince him with genuine explanation about the possible time acne will take to disappear, the child will naturally happy. You need to give your child the authentic information. For that you must have up to date knowledge on the subject.

At the early stage itself, try to provide the child with the best possible treatment. The very fact that you consult the doctor and provide proper medications helps to soothe the agitated and upset child. Children love the assurance of the man with stethoscope dangling on his neck.

Don’t blame the child for its acne. It is no fault of his. It is no fault of his diet. Ensure the kid that acne is not due to the result of his negligence. Tell him to ignore the rumor mongering of other children and the myths they try to build around acne. The psychological effects of acne are more than the actual physical effects. Do not allow the child to get depressed.

Somehow, the child begins to develop a sort of inferiority complex on being attacked by acne. Your child wishes to avoid company and would prefer to sit in the last bench in the class. He prefers not to take part in extra curricular and cultural activities of the school. This is the time, when you need to prevent the child from becoming a loner. He needs to mix freely with his friends and teachers, as if nothing has happened to him.

Please be emphatic in convincing the child, that physical appearance alone is not everything. Pay special attention to his other achievements, and tell him how happy you are about his sterling qualities and achievements.

Never get impatient, if acne recovery in your child takes time. It is very important for you control your temper, given the stressful period through which your child is passing through.

Behave with the child normally, as if nothing has happened to him!